Saturday, June 23, 2012


Woo-hoo, getting excited to attend Digi-Camp for Teachers @ the University of Akron...
The camp will start on Friday, June 29th!  I am looking forward to learning all about great technology opportunities from great instructors.  To learn more about Digi-Camp, head here:  Digi-Camp UA

I have already learned about how to download the Guidebook via mobile phone so that you can access the sessions and set up a schedule, use of the blog platform "tumblr", and two additional mobile apps called Marble Park and Sushi Monster

Here's a summary of what the camp is about:
DigiCamp for Teachers: High Tech Adventures gives educators an opportunity to explore online tools, mobile devices, and digital activities to acquire new skills for learning and teaching through technology. Over three days, campers will paired with one of Ohio’s leading teaching/technology practitioners and engage in small group, whole group, and one-on-one professional learning. Participants choose from a variety of sessions to create a personalized learning plan and then work with a project team to create an activity. The camp culminates on the last day when all gather to share projects and report plans for further collaboration over the next year.
This year's camp will provide the venue for collaboration educators and counselors. The agenda will include:
  1. Team & communication skills building
  2. Hands-on skills sessions
  3. Project-based learning activity at an Akron Aeros game
  4. Content development activities within a project teams
Can't wait for this opportunity!
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  1. This sounds really interesting. I hope you share you're learning. :)

    1. I absolutely will! I am really excited to be a part of this opportunity!


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