Monday, June 25, 2012

character sketch

Today's Monday Morning Mini-lesson is inspired by Ruth McNally Barshaw, author of the Ellie McDoodle Series.  I have not read any of the Ellie McDoodle books but they look like something kids would get into.  Ruth suggested on today's mini-lesson, that connections between art and writing be made.  To get us into this, we had to use one of our characters from a work in progress or other work and draw or sketch our character and add callouts brainstorming positive and negative traits.   Then we were to write a story using what we've drawn...
Here is my picture:

Here's a letter she wrote my main character last week:
For Teachers Write
A letter from one character to another in my WIP

Dear "Dusty",
I know that you are new to our school. So, I am writing this to ask you things I wonder about you. I understand if you don't want to answer the questions I am wondering about in this letter. Please know that I really do want to be your friend and I hope that you know you can trust me. I am not a snitch. I am really good at keeping people's secrets.
Ok. So here goes! First of all, why are you always hoarding extra food that Miss Joyce and Miss Emily give you? Don't you eat at home? Do you not have groceries in your house? Do you want to come to my house and have dinner sometime? My mom makes the most awesome Mac and cheese! The only thing is, if you do come to my house, you have to be extra, extra quiet-my dad sleeps during the day cuz he works nights!
Second, I really need to know where it is you are hanging out that you are getting so dirty and dusty. Plus, I noticed you keep wearing the same clothes over and over. Do you need some new clothes? You can borrow my brother's clothes. I think you look about the same size.
Last of all, you keep checking out all of these Ohio History type books from the LRC. I looked up your account since i am a library helper during 3rd period. Are you studying or doing a research project? I could help you, if you need ideas or want to know more about it.

I hope you write back! Please!
Wanting to be your friend,
Kylee Keuriosi

So this is my work out for today-very helpful indeed...I plan to read more about how art work can help improve writing through the resource: Picturing Writing.  I think drawing can really help some of our students become more successful in this process.  I saw a post on face book today that inspired me to take the risk and put the sketch out there..."You miss 100% of the shots you don't take!"-  Wayne I am taking the shot...sorry if my artwork stinks!  I wonder if kids would feel nervous about doing this?


  1. I love that you did this and posted it. I think it is super lovely - love that long braid. I was too chicken to post mine. I am a HORRIBLE DRAWER. But you were brave and inspired me to be brave so I'll go post mine too. ;)

  2. Thanks Dana
    I can't wait to check yours out! Be brave!

  3. Love your drawing. Did you conceive of your character traits before you started your drawing or did some of them escape out of your drawing as you were working?

  4. I knew some of them before I started, and some came as I worked on creating her. So it was a mixture of both...


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