Monday, April 16, 2012

Young Mr. Hubbard

Young Mr. Hubbard
Did pass by the cupboard
To get his poor tummy some chow
When he opened the fridge door
The stench knocked him to the floor,
And he yelled out, “Dude what IS that?”

Young Mr. Hubbard
on the floor near the cupboard
Grossed out by the smell there now
Called out from the floor
"Please close that door!
That chow isn't fit for man, dog or cat!"

Inspired by Bud the Teacher's picture prompt


  1. I'm thinking Old Mother Hubbard would be disappointed in Young Mr. Hubbard's predicament. This was fun to read, Amy.

  2. Every time I stop by your blog, I read this poem again and smile!

  3. Thanks Anita! Sometimes my sillies just have to come out! I get this from my mom, I think!


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