Monday, April 16, 2012

What are you reading Monday

Growing as a writer by wearing different lenses as a reader!

Ok, I have been very behind on my reading in the novel world. With The Hunger Games coming out as a movie (haven't seen it yet), I wanted to investigate what it was all about. I bought it on Thursday, started reading it on Saturday-didn't really want to put it down but had to at times and finished it tonight. I devoured it! I really couldn't get enough of it-keeping me so tensed up, I think my muscles hurt from it. As I was reading last night, I had to stop so I could get some sleep but it had me so wound up that it took a long time to finally nod off...

After spending so much of my time during the past month, observing author's craft, I read this book like I've never read before. I wondered a lot about the words...thought more deeply about how authors have their characters remember, or share memories and would wonder what or why this would be important for the character to share...envisioning this story through different lenses was valuable. It made me realize that I had become a couch potato reader-just sort of lazily meandering through books...I now hunger for a different sort of reading experience as I think more deeply about how authors filter the flow of their works.

I want to thank all of the writers from The Slice of Life Challenge for their posts as well as their comments for helping me to grow my thinking as a writer. I hunger for so much more...leaving the couch potato reading role behind...

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