Thursday, April 19, 2012

Nature's Candles-Tulips!

Nature's Candles

Breathing deeply, taking you in, 
Admiring your beautiful hues
Reminded of your celebration!

Celebrating Spring's arrival
Petals bursting forth
as flickering flames

Celebrating warmer days
drenched in the rays of the sun
sharing your life with us

Celebrating warm rains
the plip-plop of the drops
giving you a refreshing drink

A celebration, a feast for our eyes
the brilliant show of beauty
knowing nature's candles!

**As I was driving my son to school this a.m.  I noticed a bunch of tulips in front of  a little group of shops-I was so taken by the beauty of them, that it inspired this poem and I almost missed the turn off to his school because I was so deep in thought about them...He blurted, "Mommy why are you going past my school?"  I came to and made the turn just in time...

I kept thinking about the tulips all day-finally had time to write to this inspiration...


  1. What a great image you "saved" with this poem!Tulips have always been one of my favorite; however, the deer usually eat them all before we get more than a glimpse around here!

  2. One of the teachers I work with said her parents just went to Holland on Wednesday
    The "tulip Tour"-I would love to do this someday!


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