Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Make Way for Ducklings!!!!!!!

Stop the presses! We saw a momma mallard wandering around our patio last night around dinner time! It turns out she has nested at the base of a rhododendron near our AC unit...I saw 2 broken eggs on the patio this morning and immediately worried that an animal had ransacked the nest! When I walked out to check the situation over, she walked away from the nest- there are about 7-8 eggs in it! Whoa! Duckling alert! What should I do? Any advice would be great!

Here's a peak into the nest!

Here's the momma duck!

Here's one of the broken eggs I saw this morning!

Will there be ducklings?
Oh, momma duck,
Where is papa duck?
Why did you nest here?
What about this place inspired your desire to nest?
When will your ducklings hatch?
How will our patio life change because of you?
Who will protect you and those ducklings from predators?
I wonder, will there be ducklings?


  1. Is there some sort of animal welfare agency you can call? Poor duck, poor babies!

  2. Maybe call the local zoo! I have never had to deal with this, I didn't know the mother duck would leave the nest like that. So, thoughtful of you to care and take time to try and fix this! Good luck!

  3. Update! Just called the zoo...
    They said it's against the law to move the eggs...nature will just have to take its course...OMG!
    I know God has a plan...

  4. Oh my, please keep us posted on what happens.

    1. Seney,
      I will definitely keep everyone updated!

  5. Oh, what a fun experience to watch from a distance for you and your kids --and some great books to read too! I think I was more surprised to see the snow on the ground!!! Best of luck with the new family that has moved in and enjoy observing!

    1. Yes, we will be checking out some duckling books...fiction and non-fiction!

  6. Sounds like life could be interesting for you. Ducklings on the patio...what fun! I enjoyed your post and your pictures. I can't wait to hear what happens next. (And thanks for the hummingbird tip.)


    1. Cathy,
      Thanks! And you're welcome!
      I will definitely keep everyone posted!

  7. I guess the "Rudd"er has a new course of adventure maybe with little duckies traveling with you. I hope that the soft side of nature prevails. I know your heart will be broken if you don't witness little ducklings coming into being. I think you can make an analogy to the students we teach and how little control we have over their environment away from us. Good luck.

  8. Maya,
    Yes new course of adventure indeed! I can not stop worrying about her and the eggs! Especially since it got so cold last night!
    You're right! It is like our students and not having control over their environment! Great point!


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