Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I Wonder

I Wonder…
Slice 13 of 31

Today, I wonder. I have so many questions running through my mind-preparing for staff meeting, presenting introduction to the CCSS for ELA…I am a bundle of nerves!
I wonder...
how will teachers respond to this information?
how I will remember to deliver the most important parts?
how I will know if they really hear what I am saying?
If knowing more about the CCSS will change how things are being taught?
If understanding the impact of going deeper will change the focus of lessons?
If teaching so all children will be college and career ready matters?
Who will take the challenge with me?
Who will step up and become a leader for the CCSS?
Who will be the biggest fan?
What can I do to ensure that the message is delivered in the best light?
What can I say to ease the stress?
What should I pray for as I step into the meeting?
When will teachers start to own it?
When will we meet again to discuss them?
When will the professional learning communities decide how to go for it?
Why would they want to?
Why should they want to?
Why will this matter to anyone in the world?
I wonder...


  1. I wonder how that meeting will go too! Let us know....we're all in the same boat...lots of changes in how we think about and organize our teaching and learning..I wonder if all this will make us better teachers?

    1. The meeting went ok...started late!
      I think there will be a lot of unknowns until the first round of assessments come out-follow PARCC and Smarter Balanced to see which consortiium your state follows-I know Ohio will be following PARCC.
      The new CCSS are serving up a large ball of choice coming toward the court and teachers will need to know how to volley the return in the best way possible...

  2. Many great wonders surround the CCSS. I'm wondering and hoping for the best too! Hope you keep sharing more!


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