Thursday, August 20, 2009

Well, here I am again, preparing for the first week of the school year...Our school will be using the theme "Become a Gold Medal Reader, Pass the Torch of Literacy" for our 100 Book Challenge. I finished designing the bulletin board today with the help of Danielle, Linda and Kim-whom I would like to thank very much for lending me a helping hand. They are all great co-workers! I haven't taken a picture of the board yet, but let me just say, IT ROCKS! I will be including a picture sometime soon.

After thinking a lot about the squirrel video and getting ready to start school and thinking about 100 Book, I took on their motto, "What would it take to get every student in our school to proficient or advanced on the state achievement tests?" I think two things will be important, focus and follow-through-the 2 F words! Hehheheh. I know it will take the team effort of everyone rowing in the same direction to accomplish this goal, but I know we can do it!
Chow now!
The "Rudd"er

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