Thursday, August 6, 2009

Navigating new waters...

Can you believe it? It's almost another "School Year's Eve" 09-10 is just past the next meridian. As we chart our course and go full-steam ahead into the next year, I have decided to keep a blog of the history of this year.

Since I am the captain of the ship, I can steer the "rudd"er in any direction I choose. I already know this is going to be one crazy year, especially since I'm now in my second year as a school literacy coach and my son (Kameron) is going into Kindergarten. I am excited for him as he will now learn everything he needs to know for the rest of his life.

I am interested in learning more about how Kameron's literacy life progresses and how it will affect my views as a school literacy coach. He currently loves reading books and is really into dinosaurs and race cars. We recently read a book about dinosaurs that described the sauropods as "Slow and Stupid". He really thought it was funny to continuously say the title especially since we don't allow him to repeat the word "stupid". I have to admit as an educator, I am surprised the author would pick such a poor choice of verbage for a section title.

I've been able to have a subscription to the Choice Literacy website this past year and have to say that I really can't wait to open the latest newsletter every Saturday morning. I would much rather read the newsletter than the local newspaper-which my husband is obsessive about combing through everyday.

I found some great discussion starters via the blog site for Carl Fisch-there is one on comments from teachers and students, 180 days, and the ever popular Did you know? 2.0. The one on 180 days is the most shocking to me at this time. He subtracts the number of days from 180 each for various reasons and by the "time" it is done, we waste about 60 days on much of what can you do this year, to make a difference in not wasting time...hmmm. Check out the ppt if you need some's the link to the blog where you can download the ppt.
Times ticking away, my pillow calls...
The "Rudd"er

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