Monday, March 16, 2020

Mission with Reward

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Day 16 of the Slice of Life Story Challenge

I'm a grandma!

A "pet" grandma that is...

To two guinea pigs...

So my slice is about my secret desire to steal away to the pet store alone to get supplies and spoil the little piggies...

"I need to get bedding for the piggies.  Be back in a few."

"Okay, bye mom!"

I hopped in the car and drove to Petco.  I needed to get the piggies more bedding for their cage.  I love watching them popcorn, chew their timothy and purr or squeak.  They act adorably day and night.

As I was driving, I wondered if they'd have a fresh litter of piggies.  Sure enough as I glided past the doggie sweaters, the lizards and the pharets, I arrived to the guinea pig section and there he was...the cutest abyssinian I've seen (don't tell my grand piggies) they'd definitely be jealous!

I could never bring him home-the girls would never go for it!  But he was oh-so-cute!  He popcorned and scampered along in the cage snacking on some timothy and trying to get his buddies to play too.  I could have watched him for hours but my mission was calling so I moved on and grabbed the bedding.  

Mission accomplished-and sneaking in a little pleasure while watching guinea pig babies!  Such reward in the small stuff...


  1. You are so right - there's such joy in the small stuff. hen my children were young, we had a guinea pig, a brown one like wild bunnies. We named him Timothy after the hay. I need up making him a first grade classroom pet; the kids took turns holding him and stroking him at morning meeting, feeding him, cleaning his cage. He was the star of their writing journals - he appeared there daily. And their illustrations - priceless! I so appreciate your post on these benevolent little creatures. (sorry for my comment repostings!! laptop issues)

  2. So good to see you here. Little is needed to feel joy - like watching guinea pig babies, or taking care of them at home.


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