Monday, March 5, 2018

Day 5 Oh, so Seussical

Thank you to the Two Writing Teachers 
for hosting the month long Slice of Life Challenge

Day 5

We celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday last week.  Fun activities happening at school, work and home to commemorate the rhyming author's work of art.  Our house was full of rhyme, stories and Cat in the Hat.

One of the activities Nat practiced was drawing the "seussical" characters.  While she played with some puzzles last night, I heard her quizzing Dad on what she had drawn...

"It begins with /s/ /s/" she proclaimed!  Giving this clue would surely cue Dad as to who these characters were.

"Umm, Seuss?"

"No, Dad, that's not it.  /s/ /s/ /s/!"

"Umm, I'm not sure.  Could you give another clue?"

"Well, ok.  /sn/ /sn/ /sn/."

I could tell she was getting frustrated that he was unaware of the stars on thars!  LOL

Dad's schema needed some more developing.

"You know.  The ones with the stars on their bellies! The /sn/ /E/, /sn/ /E/..."

"Well, I'm still not sure."  he cowered.

"Dad- it's /sn/ /E/ /ch/!"  she continued to sound frustrated but kept working until he reached a level of clarity.

"OH, the sneeches?"

"Yes, dad!  You got it!"

I felt a sense of relief that I did not have to intervene in the Seussical character sharing.

Dad told her, "These are good pictures of the sneech.  I think you should keep drawing."

"I will dad.  I will."


  1. That is sun fun! I love Dr. Seuss!

  2. Great pictures, Nattie!

    Loved all of the speech sounds in this piece!


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