Monday, March 4, 2013

Baseball Models, Blogging Mentors

Slice 4 of 31

The boys of summer are returning to spring training and soon the games will begin again.  Of course I am talking about baseball!  Today's slice, inspired by a mini-training clinic that Kam participated in at our city's high school with the high school baseball team.

The baseball clinic was organized by our high school team's baseball coach and our little league.  Last week, the boys worked on stretching, warming up, hitting, throwing, catching and adorable to see 6, 7, and 8 year old boys alongside of the high school boys!  The team players acting as mentors to the little guys, reminding, showing, modeling...always demonstrating hustle and joy to be there!

Tonight's session, more of the same except something a little more challenging-calling out the numbers-playing around the horn, knowing just where to throw next...excitement at hearing the pop of the mitts as the whizzing ball sailed with ease!  These boys weren't just telling...they were showing-modeling their ethics and desire to be part of this eager team!  And more fun ensued as the boys joined in playing a mock game together-big guys with the little guys-showing them the reward of training hard and playing hard pays off!  My heart swelled with pride and excitement as the team preps for another year of baseball...starting off in a positive way being such role models for the little guys!

Being an observer at the clinic made me think about the importance of having mentors to show, share and model as a support system when new learning is taking place.  I am especially making connections as I think about my school kiddos learning to blog!  I have employed mentors from the school blogging club I lead to come and I connect these two events, I feel more confident than ever that the plan to pair the firsties up with an experienced blogger is the right thing to do!


  1. It's an interesting fact Amy that wherever we look we find reminders of the master and apprentice relationship that is central to mentoring. Your piece highlights this critical connection using baseball as its backdrop. You make strong links back to your students and your use of vivid verbs is most evident in your writing. I like the connections you have made here.

  2. When you look "deeply" at the everyday events of your life - that writerly eye perspective - you see things you "miss" on other days! I know that is why I do this challenge - to keep myself on my toes - yet your connection is one I am glad I stopped to read. Yes...we all need mentors in all aspects of our lives! Thank you for the reminder!

    1. Thanks Anita! You captured that reminder so well! All of us do need mentors in our lives!

  3. One of the constants in my years of Slice of Life is spring baseball with my boys. And yes, it is already beginning here, too, and my first slice was about my youngest son collecting baseball cards as he gears up for his first year in Little League. I'm with you!

  4. "show, share and model as a support system when new learning is taking place" - true for baseball, writing workshop and so much more! lovely to think that spring baseball is here, I do love baseball!

  5. So true Amy...I was just thinking about that today..the importance of mentors... how great to see young men sharing not only their knowledge, but showing patience to the little feature "Hall of Famers!"


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