Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Day 21 Dairy Queen Trip

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers
for hosting the Slice of Life

We heard the announcement, we read the announcement, we cheered the announcement:
"Free ice cream cones at Dairy Queen on March 20-in honor of the first day of Spring!"

We piled into the new car and chit-chatted all the way to the Dairy Queen.

"Look at the line!"  declared Kam.

Indeed, the line inside the local DQ was quite long.  However, the drive thru was just right.  So, we inched into the drive thru line.  When we arrived at the order screen, Kevin proclaimed, "We'd like 4 vanilla cones..."

"Do you have four people in the car?" asked the lady.

"uh, yes."  Kevin uttered in a gingerly yet surprised sort of way.

"Ok, pull around."

As we pulled up to the window, they handed us four vanilla ice cream cones...

We drove away smiling and enjoying our frosty dairy queen cones!  All of us in conversation about the new shopping plaza, the snow day calculator and friends at school.  Such fun together as a family of four.  Happy with the fan food too.


  1. I remember reading about this! Darn, I missed it! Nothing beats a free ice cream cone, especially if it comes from DQ! What a great treat!

  2. At a former school, the local dairy cream opened for the season on the first day of spring. It was a ritual trip for all of us

  3. This is the 2nd car story I've read today! So much togetherness when we ride around together. And how fun, free cones at a drive-thru.

  4. My son stopped on his way home from school in a snow storm to get his because the line at Rita's was too long. A Rite of Spring!

  5. We talked about free cone day but never made it across town to take part in free cone day! So glad you and your family enjoyed the freebie together! Thanks for sharing!

  6. That was easy!!!! 4 people, 4 vanilla cones. No hesitation :)

  7. My daughter and I talked about going, but was worried that the lines would be extremely long. Glad you enjoyed the freebie.

  8. You had me at Dairy Queen! Missed the free cone day. Dairy Queen was a family favorite for us when my kids were young. We could bike there. Now it is farther away, but a good destination for my kids when they are learning to drive and need to practice. Love the craft of white space with 4 3 2 1. Thanks!


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