Friday, March 2, 2018

Day 2 Frosty

Day 2

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers
for Hosting MARCH Slice of Life

Feeling Frosty

Waking up, hearing the plow


How much, too little? too warm?  too sloshy?

Some joy inside thinking mish-moshy

Watch the TV, checking the phone


How much, too little? too warm?  too sloshy?

Some sadness inside thinking wish-washy

Hear the phone ring, listening close


How much, too little? too warm?  too sloshy?

Just delay to the day feeling frosty...

Mother Nature did her thing and threw us for a loop-not knowing what to expect when we woke up today...hoping for a snow day which ended in delay or nothing at all...leaving us feeling frosty that it wasn't our day to play.

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  1. I always feel a range of emotions when it comes to weather-related delays and cancellations. I don't want to lose summer days, but I also feel I could get so much accomplished with a snow day. And then when it doesn't come, I don't know what to feel.


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