Friday, July 1, 2016

Hunting for Treasure, Our Pleasure

Hard to believe that we've settled into summer like a tiny dog curled up on it's owner's lap under the gentle breeze of the ceiling fan.  I'm glad for that because I felt like it was never going to happen.  My dad finally came home from the hospital and is on the mend.  It was an ugly experience-sparing the details-just glad he's home.

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of going on a nature treasure hunt with Natalie.  We had a great hunting list to work from and found lots of little details during our walk.  You can see the original pdf list here.  I took a picture of the list and imported the picture into my notepad so we could check off the items digitally as we took the pictures of nature's treasures on our walk.

Natalie and I had lots of great conversations about the beautiful flowers, birds and other things on our walk.  Here are a few of the pictures of items we found from the list, which I captured in a collage frame.

We were feeling disappointed that we could hear the birds but we couldn't see them.  Our ears telling us the birdies were out in full force but were playing hide and seek.  We were feeling sad that we didn't see the beautiful butterfly we were looking for either.  Maybe next time right?  We were celebrating pleasure in finding nature's treasure as we settled into summer.

Thanks to Ruth Ayres for hosting the weekly #celebratelu at her blog, Discover, Play, Build.


  1. You saw so much, it's nice to have some more things to look for, so there will definitely be a next time! Thanks for a sweet story and pretty pics. Glad your dad is getting better.

  2. I'm so glad your dad is home from the hospital. I hope he's feeling better! Summer scavenger hunts?!?! What fun! Love the pictures you took!

  3. There is something about being intentionally observant when surrounded by nature that is refreshing! Thank you for inviting us along with you and Natalie. Illness and hospital stays with loved ones can be stressful as I know all too well from experience! May God bless you and your dad with renewed strengthen!

  4. Happy to hear the good news about your dad, Amy, and to hear about the nature hunt too. Maybe that butterfly will appear soon!

  5. Amy, so impressed with all your digital skills - making the list so you could digitally check off items and creating the photo collage! Glad that your dad is home from the hospital. Here's to pics of birds and butterflies on future walks!

  6. Nature walks spark curiosity and wonders about life. You and Natalie must have had a wonderful time together. I see the makings of a great poem to accompany the collage. From a list to photos to poetic thoughts for my upcoming summer gallery, Summerscapes. Maybe this time Natalie will contribute a poem about nature. Have fun!


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