Sunday, April 3, 2016

Storm Chasers Work Saving Lives

Wallowing in Wonder-Day 2.

In honor of National Poetry Month, I am "Wallowing in Wonder" with other teachers and poets, lead by Author Amy Ludwig VanDerwater.  We are looking at daily wonders from Wonderopolis for inspiration of daily poems.  Yesterday's wonder was all about storm chasing.  After listening to the wonder and reading through it, I jotted some notes in my notebook and then began crafting my poem.  I thought about important words and actions that relate to the work of storm chasers.  I determined the rhyme scheme for my poem and then began to draft my thoughts.

After I drafted, I thought about how it sounded.  I noticed it had lots of action words and those words made it sound exciting.  I re-read it again to see if I had the right words in the right place, and I did some changing around.  I'm sharing my final draft with you...what do you think?

Storm Chasers Work Saving Lives

Looking out the window,
Knowing what I see
A big flash of light
Shining bright in the night!

Seeing the lightning,
Mind filling with worries
A chill down my spine
Hair standing on end at 10 after 9!

Flashing of lightning
Means crashing was next!
Leading me to wonder,
how far was the thunder?

Thinking of scientists...
studying storms' habits
Teaming up and giving storms chase,
Learning together to determine storm's place!

Chasers study for warning
to tell the people early!
Cities sounding the alarm!
Prevent storms doing harm!

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  1. There's a certain element of bravery and a certain of element of crazy in storm chasers, don't you think? That's what I thought as I wrote about this Wonder. However, I am a NO adrenaline type of girl: no roller coasters, no riding bikes down big hills, nothing. So I cannot imagine! :)


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