Saturday, April 30, 2016

Joy in the Busyness of the Week

Thank you to Ruth Ayres for hosting 
the #celebratelu this week at her blog

Like all educators in the field right now, as we near the end of the year, our weeks get busier and busier.  This week was full of something special to do each day!

Last day of pre-school PSR Celebration.  We've been getting up early on Sundays to get ready for pre-school PSR (religion class) to learn about God.  The children each received a certificate of completion from their teachers.  Natalie adored them and is disappointed that we're finished with class until next year.

The Baseball Parade around the city's circle!  It was so special-I could not stop smiling as Natalie was singing to anyone who would listen, "I love my city!  My city is awesome!" over and over.  I bubbled and bubbled with giggles, smiles and happy eyes...

Monday-The Inter-generational band concert between the Hudson Middle School 8th grade band and New Horizons (the band my husband joined to learn how to play the bass).  He's still going strong and making progress.  The music joyfully blended as the two bands joined together conducted by an instructor from Baldwin Wallace College.  So moving.  I gave them a standing ovation.  They sounded amazing even though they practiced together only once...

Tuesday-Another T-ball game for Nattie.  It was freezing cold at game time and part of the field was under water.  Despite the cold and mud, the kids had a ball doing their thing.  It was quite a hoot to watch the little guys and gals playing together...3 innings of joy!

Wednesday-Evening work time with my friend Rosemary.  We designed a framework and curriculum for a summer ELL K-2 reading program that will take place at two of the buildings in the district for 8 weeks.  Looking forward to training the teachers and seeing the fruits of our work at the end of summer.

Thursday-I attended a meeting at the middle school to learn about going 1-to-1 with Chromebooks for next year.  The teachers had an example of a Google Classroom Stream with various assignments.  I learned about some new tools-Thinglink, EDPuzzle, and Gizmos.  Have you heard of these?  I am looking forward to seeing more.  I know Kam will be engaged with lots of interesting learning projects next year.

Friday-I celebrated after work with some friends.  My happiest moment ended in playing dollies with Natalie.  She picked up her two friends and asked me to play.  We had conversation around the two friends going out and seeing a movie, pretend laughing at the theater, and walking home together when the movie ended.  It was so cute...I know I fell asleep with a smile on my face thinking about the joy she brings me.

Whew!  T-ball again today-wondering if the game will be cancelled...stay tuned.  Celebrating joy in the time to write and reflect on a busy week.


  1. What a full week! I'm glad you captured the celebrations. I'm spending my Saturday at the ballpark, too. Opening day for ball here in our town.

    Happy weekend,

  2. Wow, you did have a full week, collaborations and play. It all sounds great, Amy. I love hearing stories about your little Natalie!

  3. Something for every day of the week. Super! I hope you get to play more with the dolls.

  4. You had a most satisfyingly full and blest week. Hope next week is even better (maybe it won't be so cold at the ball field).

  5. Amy, You are certainly busy and life is filled with so many things to celebrate! Thank you for sharing!! :)

  6. Busy, yes, but joy filled, too.

  7. What a week! I love the moments with Natalie that you shared. I am in awe of the work accomplished in an evening to put together curriculum and then another with all the new learning to use technology. Again, what a week!

  8. What a feel! But luckily it sounds like it's been the good kind of busy. Yay!

    1. what a week! not what a feel! lol. my mind is shot.

  9. Yes it was quite a busy week, but it sounds like it was filled with joyful moments.

  10. Amy, I missed this celebration post but had a delightful time this morning reading it. I saw a group of families bundled up at the soccer field just this past week.


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