Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Heroine in My Life

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I sat across the table from my principal carefully planning for our Site Improvement Planning team and organizing for future professional development.  Suddenly my cellphone buzzed-it was Katie.  She called to tell me that Kam (my son) called her to ask her if she could come and get him from school.  He was feeling sick to his stomach, ready to throw up.

Oh, no! I thought-Kam sick? Ugh!  Katie selflessly offered to get Kam and bring him home and stay with him until  I could get there.  Thank goodness Kam would have someone with him and all the better that it would be Katie (though she says she doesn't do throw-up).

I am grateful for her and the support she has given me this year, especially.  At the start of the year, she offered to be at our house when Kam got off the bus (during his transition to Middle School).  The plan was supposed to go for only a few weeks and now 24 weeks into the school year, she still comes to greet Kam three days a week when he gets home from school and assist with homework or study if needed!

She's a source of inspiration to me and my family.  She's generous, caring and funny too!  My husband, children and I are so blessed to have Katie in our lives.  She's a heroine in my life-today and every day!

Thank you Katie, for all you do for me!  Love you!
Nat, Katie and Kam July 2015


  1. What a tribute. Will you share this with her?

  2. Yay for Katie and all the Katies in this world! I'm with Judy -- please share this tribute with her.

  3. Super sweet appreciation slice. You are lucky indeed. I think Katie feels the same about you and your family.

  4. How lovely to have someone like Katie in your life and near by.

  5. How lovely to have someone like Katie in your life and near by.

  6. Katie sounds amazing! How blessed you and your family are to have her in your lives. I think she probably feels the same about your family too! Hope you share this slice with her!

  7. We all ned those special people in our lives who would drop anything to help us. What a loving tribute to such a friend.

  8. Beautiful. What a blessing she is!

  9. How wonderful to have such a dear friend to help. I had to smile that the first few weeks has turned into 24, and that she comes three days a week. I'm sure Kam loves it too.


  10. We all need people like Katie in our lives. What a blessing she is to you and your family. (And I'm sure she feels blessed by all of you too.)


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