Saturday, July 18, 2015

Celebrating Bug Spray and Itch Cream

Thank you to Ruth Ayres
for Hosting the Saturday Celebration

                                                          bzzzz                                    bzzzzzzzzz

                                  zzzz                                     zzz




Another one down, but the bite is worse than the bark!

"Honey where's the mosquito spray?  I can't take it anymore!  These bugs are BAD!!"

pchit,        pchit,           pchit,         pchit,         pchit

Nattie and I were playing out at the play park.  We already had several bites before the bug spray!  I guess I was wrong in thinking that the breezey-flowing wind and sunny-sun would limit the attack going on by the vicious mosquitoes that have come to reside in our yard this summer.  They are biting through clothes now!!  And they swarm you in the garage as you move toward the car!  I find it a little ironic that Nat wanted her giant magnifying glass outside with her so she can study the bugs up-close!

We came back inside after playing and bumps on our arms and legs.  

"Momma, where's the itch cream?  I need it bad!"

"ME TOO!  Here it is!  (Let's buy stock in it I think to myself).

I here by declare-"NO Mosquito will keep me from enjoying the fun of summer outdoors!  I have bug spray and itch cream!  Take that Mosquito!  Take that!

Celebrating Defense and Resolve!


  1. YAY for enjoying the warm summer days!!! Thank goodness for the itch spray! :)

  2. Glad they're not keeping you indoors, no matter what, Amy! And happy that you have the armor!

  3. I stocked up this week too! Sale at Target. :)

  4. Hurray for bug spray and itch cream!

  5. Hurray for bug spray and itch cream!

  6. We don't have many bugs in WA, but I did pick up some bites during my time in KS. I was wondering where the itch cream was last week. Love your celebration of defense and resolve!

  7. Mosquitoes are bad this year. Hurrah for bug spray.

  8. Bugs and summer - they do go together, unfortunately!


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