Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Gift of Friendship

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Although the holidays were over three months ago, it just so happens that on Sunday, I celebrated the gift of friendship with my (our) good friend Katie.  During the holidays, she got sick and then one thing or another started happening and we never got a chance to celebrate.

The gift of Katie's friendship is so precious to us!  We sat and chatted together for almost three hours...the sands of time washed away so quickly that it seemed more like minutes had passed than hours. We shared good drinks and tasty food!  Much laughter and smiles filled our kitchen as we caught up on life over the last three months.  

At the end of our visit, we exchanged gifts.  The gift we received from Katie is one we look forward to-dinner and date night!  She also got the kids books, sports balls and a game.  The true gift though, shined in the opportunity to enjoy the conversation and connection of being together!  

"Whatever way our stories end,  you've rewritten mine by being my friend!"


  1. I love the warm being togetherness of your voice in this slice. Having friends over and sitting around the kitchen table talking and laughing are some of my happiest moments too.

  2. Laughter, smiles, write about these as being a gift and I couldn't agree more. In fact, you just made me think of a SOL stiry I have yet to share. Thanks for your inspiration. I'm so happy you had to opportunity to connect with such a great friend.

  3. You have that one right. The real gift of a friend does not com in a box. Finding time to connect is the chore; enjoying those moments is a privilege.

  4. What a warm, inviting piece about the gift of friendship. You captured the essence of what we enjoy most - our time together with them. Thanks!

  5. Nothing quite like the joy and comfort of old friends.

  6. Special friends are the best. Glad you had time together.

  7. I just loved this ending, Amy: "Whatever way our stories end, you've rewritten mine by being my friend!"

    How lucky to have time together!


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