Monday, February 16, 2015

Game Changer

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Game changer!  

Today's slice is all about our games...I felt excited to stay home with the kids on Monday-no work or school in honor of President's Day.  Being that the weather was a chilly -5 (that's negative 5 Fahrenheit) degrees I thought it best to just hang out at home.  After having a quick breakfast, Natalie expressed an interest in playing some games together.  I love a good Board Game now and then so I was all in!  Game on!

First, she visited the front hallway closet where our games are stored...
"Pick me up!"  she demanded so she could get the best view possible of the top shelf and see all of the game choices before her eyes.  

"Hi, Ho, Cherrio?  Candy Land?" I questioned-hopefully planting some seeds.

"No, no.  I want Sliders, Sorry Sliders!" (ages 6 and up-so who knows where this is going-but I let my sense of adventure lead me wherever she wanted to go).

"Ok, you got it!"  So I snagged the step stool from the kitchen, reached high into the closet and pulled down the Sorry Sliders game.  We opened the box and arranged the set-up on the table...she picked yellow sliders and I picked blue sliders.  I had to show her how to flick the sliders so they landed on the target points.  She got the hang of it but rather than flick it, she decided it worked best to push it-making it her own.  

We slid through two rounds (she won both) and she decided to switch it up.  We cleaned up and put away the Sorry Sliders.  Then, she chose to play the Power Rangers Trouble game (ages 5 and up) more adventure...  We got out the pieces and she chose to be blue this time.  I was yellow.  The popper in the middle was a bit stiff and took some practice for her to get the hang of it.  We started moving our guys around the board.  I didn't follow the 1 or 2 to get out of home rule... Then for whatever reason-she became obsessed with popping a 1!  A 1?  Really?  One is the worst number to get (maybe only sometimes is it the worst)-you can only move your guys one space (you might only need one space to win, right?).

"Mommy, it is NOT the WORST!  I like 1!!"

She kept on popping and re-popping the popper until she got a 1.  I let her go...I just watched her and waited until she got a 1.  Pop, pop, pop, poppoppop...poppoppoppoppop...I wasn't counting, but I think she popped it like 20 times before a 1 came up.  By the time it came up, we had "Trouble" staying interested in finishing...Game off!  We cleaned up and put it away until another Game Changer Day!


  1. She will always remember the game times! Life building experiences!

  2. What a fun way to spend a cold day off! This story of your daughter's perseverance cracks me up. Stay warm!!


  3. I love that games like Candyland and Chutes & Ladders are still around for our kids to enjoy. That said, the quality of the actual games isn't as good as when we were kids. They're kind of junky now, wouldn't you say?

  4. Game time is very special, Amy. I grew up on board games. It was neat having the family sitting around the dining room table trying to find our way around a Monopoly, Shoots and Ladders, Candyland, or Scrabble board. My love of games were passed on to my children. All of the remnants of childhood are stored in a toy close now. I don't often think about those wonderful times, so thank you for reminding me of their importance. Game changers is a fitting title.

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  6. One of our best memories with our kids was the ice storm that shut down power for a week here. We spent the time huddling by the coal stove and playing board games with headlamps strapped to our foreheads.
    These are special memory times - I am so happy that you and your daughter got to make some that day! Oh, and making up new rules was and continues to be our specialty! So YEA for 1!

  7. Game-playing is such fun. My granddaughter Ingrid & I recently started Uno. Candyland is something she's got in her head to manipulate the cards to have a better chance of winning. It seems that you had great fun, & making the rules fit what you want is what we've always done too. Hurrah for "1"!

  8. The best way to spend the day with a kiddo - such fun!

  9. This post is so much fun - There is nothing better than spending time playing games with someone you love.

  10. I loved playing board games with my kids - I still do! My kids are the oldest grandkids so now they get to play with younger ones. Certainly building family memories!

  11. What fun! We played Trouble at our house this weekend too. I have to concur with Stacey -- the board games are quite flimsy and cheap these days! Love that she had such a positive take on getting a 1!!

  12. What a wonderful way to spend the day with your little one, and how wonderful that you let her take the lead and play by her rules. :) Such great memories!

  13. What a fun way to spend a day off! Sounds a lot like playing games with my 3 yr old, Katie. She often invents her own rules. :)


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