Monday, December 1, 2014

The Scribe

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The holidays are an exciting time around our home!  We spruced things up with our traditional decorations-stockings, lights and the tree!  If you already know about our house, you won't be surprised to hear that our elves have returned.  If you're new to our house, then you need to know the background on our elves.  Our elves are just like the elves on the shelf-except they have their own mischievous ways...they take to writing notes, leaving messages, reading and playing all sorts of games beginning the day after Thanksgiving.


Our elves returned in a surprising fashion by entering the house via the chimney and playing with the ABC blocks.  They left us messages each night since they have arrived.  We are trying to figure out their pattern and what they will be up to next.  Jingle and Christina have suggested books and reading so far...but tonight when we got home from school and work, the kids noticed the elves were hanging out under the tree with the Operation game.  Kameron was in the process of writing a note to Jingle and Nat decided that she wanted to join in the fun too.  Kevin was reviewing Kameron's school work and I was busy getting supper.

Natalie asked me to write the note to her elf and then, "The Scribe" stepped up and offered!  Kameron diligently recorded Nat's little note for her elf.  From the "Dear Christina" to the "I love you" and the gentle suggestion from Kam to add a line about something done at school today-really making me smile!

Feeling blessed!


  1. How fun! What moments and memories!

  2. I love the holiday season! Our elf showed up the other evening, mysteriously. I Sliced about it, too. Ours is not nearly as mischievous as yours though!

  3. I love reading about the elves in peoples homes at this time of the year. We don't have one (since we don't celebrate Christmas) so I love reading the notes, seeing the pictures on Facebook, etc. :)

  4. Amy, it is so much fun having traditions at the holiday. This is the first I am hearing about elves though. Enjoy the holiday season with your family and your mischievous elves.

  5. So fun to hear about your dear elves, Amy, & it seems you've made them into a very kind thing. I'm not sure about the elf on the shelf idea, so your elves make it better in my mind. What sweet gestures your kids made!


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