Saturday, July 5, 2014

I Am...

starting my day doing one of my favorite Saturday morning routines, reading the Big Fresh!  Today's blurb caught my eye the second I opened the email-"Books for Launching Reading Workshops"!  I did a massive "fist pump" when I saw this as I am always on the hunt for great books to read aloud.  

After reading the article link by Carol Wilcox, I got today's inspiration for writing my celebration-an "I Am" Poem around just starting my summer vacation this week after two and a half extra weeks of work to finish our integrated pacing guide.  Today, my celebration is about finally being able to kick back and relax...cherishing the opportunites before me as I spend time with my family...

I Am
I am exhausted and thrilled!
I wonder what adventure awaits this summer...
I hear lots of fireworks booming with possibility!
I see a journey beginning,
I want to celebrate being with my family!
I am engergized!!

I want to avoid looking at the calendar
I feel excited for the possibilities of learning and growing together
I think about the learning of others through what I take in
I worry that time will drip-drop away too quickly... 
and I can't catch it!

I am excited...

I understand how things can change in an instant!
I say let's go!
I dream of being "just the right amount" of "mom"!?!
I listen in a loving way...
I hope my time is well-spent on what's left of summer with my kids...
I am excited!!
I celebrate summer!

Thank you to the Big Fresh and Carol Wilcox for today's inspiration!  AND thanks to Ruth Ayers @ for hosting this weekly celebration! 


  1. So happy for you that your holiday has finally arrived. Your poem sets a lovely start for the days to follow. Let go of the worry and enjoy the small and the big, the quiet and the loud, the slow and the fast, the together and the alone, the special and the ordinary moments.

  2. Your poem perfectly captures the feelings of summer. I loved it!

    Sweet Writing Life
    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  3. Love your poem! I worry about looking at the calendar as well.....Enjoy a time of rejuvenation with your family!

  4. Your poem shows such excitement Amy, love "Let's go". I spent most of June finishing school, with company then being gone, so feel like I'm just starting, too. Summer is a delight!

  5. This is a nice poem. I like the format and will probably be trying one myself sometime soon. I was struck by the simple idea of having a certain time that you sit down to read the newsletter. I simply had not thought of making it into a routine for myself. Thanks for the inspiration. Have a great week!

  6. I loved the promise this poem births -- it's like when you walk through the school supply item for the first time each summer, and you start imagining what the year will hold. :) Your excitement is contagious -- "Let's go!"

  7. I miss teaching and learning. I am retired. I join these hops to get inspired about my old profession. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Amy, I am glad that you have time to kick off your sandals and enjoy summer with your children. I enjoyed your poem and wonder if you have time to consider posting a poem/photo to the Summer Serenity Gallery (


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