Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Stink Eye from the Stink Bug

Thanks to the TWT Blog for hosting Tuesday's Slice of Life

Yesterday was loaded with creativity!  I was doing the usual twitter troll (something fun I love doing on my days off-with yesterday being a snow day).  And I saw this tweet posted by Kevin or @dogtrax as most know...

His tweet inspired me to go to the "Daily Create" and write a post about our encounter with the stink bug that started buzzing around the room from the time Nattie woke up!  Here's my post-a dialogue about a task you've neglected.  I sort of went in a different direction and didn't write exactly to the prompt but here is the result:

The Stink-eye from the Stink Bug

The Stink-eye from the Stink Bug
As Nattie and I woke early this morning, 4:14a.m. to be exact, we heard you buzzin’ ’round, Stink Bug! You have delayed your demise long enough…

Please move to a lower altitude so that you may be captured and released into the frozen tundra!
5:26a.m. And you’re still cruising above catching altitude! Come down immediately! If you don’t come down, I’ll be forced to get the fly-swatter and your foul stench will haunt for hours! Maintaining a holding pattern, are we?
6:02a.m. Ahh, plate and cup in hand, you’ve moved to a capture altitude now and I’ll be setting you free into the elements!
Oh, no, the screen door is frozen shut-when plan A fails, plan B begins!
Your demise will come with the watery swirl!
Stop giving me the “stink-eye” Stink Bug!
So my slice would have been just a simple recounting of the capture and flush of the stink bug but I turned it into little story.  The funny part about just a little old bug buzzing around turning into this...and then I shared it on face book and a friend shared her son's story about a stink bug at their house.  Another friend shared about stink bugs congregating under her daughter's bedroom mattress.  So it turned into a stink bug story set.  For more on stink bugs, here's a video about them.

Do you have any stink bug stories?


  1. I saw this too and thought it would be so much fun for my students when we really focus on dialogue. Love your story!

  2. There's a great stink bug poem in this book:

    As for stink bugs, I hate 'em. I can't even bear to share any stories about them. They're such a nuisance!

  3. ha ha - love that you told your Slice in that way - adds a whole element of humor! I don't know what a stink bug is, I'll have to take a peek at your link!

  4. Only in the last 10 years have we had "stink bugs" - those horrid pine borers that release that smell when they are threatened or killed. AND they are ugly. I want them gone. It's funny that I was just thinking about them yesterday and this morning - when it warmed up for a day. Figured I'd see one trying to escape the winter outside, coming back to life from somewhere in some crevice. Yuck. But haven't seen one this winter yet.

  5. A stink bug story set - love it!

  6. So much fun! I had no idea what a stink bug was before reading this. Education comes our way even on a snow day!

  7. I tried out the create site. Extremely cool stuff. Went to Cubomania and did as cubist pic of my cat! file://localhost/Users/harmatz/Downloads/Cubomania!%20chubby.html So fun AND now I know about stink bugs. Thanks for the fun and informative slice.

  8. I love the language you chose while chasing this stink bug around. What a fun way to capture the self talk that gets us through many situations in life.

  9. THIS IS GREAT STUFF! I LOVE THE IDEA and your creativity and imagination continue to amaze me!

  10. No stories but they did torture me last year. So glad they are gone. Ugh!


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