Saturday, January 4, 2014

Celebrating Wii

Celebrate this Week  XII with Ruth Ayers @ Ruth Ayers Writes! #celebratelu

Over the course of the past week, with all of the hoopla settling down a bit...we  are celebrating Wii.  I chose Wii to represent what we are celebrating because we spent time "together", side by side as a family!

Kam's basketball team played a scrimmage last Saturday during the Kent State/Cleveland State Basketball game.  He had a blast watching the game and playing with his team.  We attended the game as a family...Nattie's first game.  She took it all in-the sights, sounds and energy along with the yummy treats (hot pretzels, popcorn, and her favorite MnMs).  
Kam and his teammates

Me, Kev and Nattie

Kent Mascot, Flash

New Year's Eve
We hung out together as a family this year.  It was a barrel of laughs playing Guess Who, Jumpin' Monkeys and Wii Sports Resort.  The kids didn't make it to see the ball drop...but that's ok.  Kevin and I had our traditional midnight kiss!  Oh-la-la!  I could not celebrate the "New Year's Rocking Eve" show.  It's just not the same without Dick Clark.  I miss his energy and enthusiasm.

I cooked a lot more than usual.  I really like to be in the kitchen when I don't have to work.  I made some tasty meals that resulted in plenty of left-overs to munch on throughout the week.  I decided to make cheddar broccoli soup (as a result of having a large amount of leftover broccoli and cauliflower from our veggie trays).  I used a soup mix from Bear Creek.  I also added chicken as the recipe suggested.  The recipe made enough to share extra-and I sent some over to my in-laws!  I also made stuffed pepper casserole which was inspired by the recipe on the back of the shredded cheese package!  It was delicious.  

Our visit with friends on the day of the Winter Weather Advisory lead us to be the only people in the place.  We had the climber, slide, bouncy trampoline and games all to ourselves.  I think Nattie had more fun dropping the tokens into the games than anything else. Kam, Caleb and Keifer were playing hide and seek.  I got to chat with my friend Saundra while we watched the kids having fun together.  The kids really yucked it up and hooted and hollared and I think let off some steam after being in the house for a few days without going anywhere.
Caleb, Kam, Keifer and Nattie
at Putt n Stuff

Taco Night
My in-laws came over to watch the Orange Bowl (so sad that OSU lost-Buckeyes just didn't bring it) and we had taco night.  Making and eating home-made tacos was so much fun.  I cooked up everyone's favorite appetizer-the sausage dip!(recipe here).  Nona brought chocolate cream pie for dessert.  All I can say is thank goodness for the stretchy jeans today...Did I hear #nerdlution promise to work out calling? 

Wii had such a great week together.  Looking forward to next week too-could there be a snow day knocking on our door?  Record cold is on it's way to Northeast Ohio...

How did you celebrate together this week?


  1. I love the happiness your diverse celebrations shout about! I suspect we may be kindred spirits in many ways as your celebrations ALL make me smile!

  2. That was an awesome game, though, Amy! You have much to celebrate...and I am now celebrating the recipe you shared: soup's on!

  3. Love hearing about all the family things, Amy, & seeing the pics of you & the family. I imagine Nattie really enjoyed the game (& the snacks)! Happy New Year, & thanks for the link at the top. It's still snowing here, so perhaps I'll add a little 'drifting' too!

  4. Cooking is always fun when I am not rushed! Yes, we are watching the weather report. Did grocery shopping today just in case. I am ready! Enjoy the snow!!
    P.S. Maybe we should think about a northern Ohio Southern Michigan get together sometime in 2014???

  5. A week of food and fun ~ you can't beat that. What fun to play at the halftime game. They will remember that all their life! I might have to try some of those recipes...on our snow days! Expected to hit tonight. My son is at a dance so I am hoping it comes very late! Have a great week!

  6. Lovely celebrations. Wii- being together- is what I also have enjoyed the most during the winter break.

  7. Great to see the pics of your family enjoying a wonderful week! It is nice to have a bit more time to cook, although I'd still rather spend it reading. Since I'm I'm a baker, not a cook I always appreciate the recipes. Happy New Year!


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