Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Twas the Night before NCTE13

Twas the Night before NCTE13 and all the through the house,
I whispered "See you in the morning and goodnight" to my spouse...

The children were nestled among covers in their beds
While visions of the program danced in my head!

The prepping, the planning, now coming due
In the morning I'm leaving for Boston?  It's true!

We'll be "Re-inventing the future of English" I'm told...
In the wonderful backdrop of a city so bold!

I look at the app and see all the choices
I want to be at all sessions and hear all those voices!

The options, the vision... alive in my head
think of all the advice the NCTE Tweet Chat fed

Be friendly with all, step up saying "hi"!
Don't let a chance meeting pass you by...

Drink water, pack snacks and wear comfy shoes,
Along with a cellphone charger if you choose...

Get ready to charge and and take lots of looks
Remember your manners, take only few books!

When the weekend is over I'll probably shout,
This is what professional learning's about!

Happy NCTE13 fellow conference goers!

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