Friday, November 29, 2013

Memories of Thanksgiving

Yesterday was the first time I remember hosting Thanksgiving in almost 10 years!  How do I remember?  Well my niece Olivia turned ten on November 24 and she was  4 days old the last time I hosted.  Wow!  Time sure flies doesn't it?  The whole idea of thanksgiving got me thinking about the timing of the whole meal.  I had to be organized and subtract the number of hours and minutes away from the precise launch of eating the dinner.   I got started cleaning, cutting, chopping and cooking as soon as I had my first cup of coffee!

As I prepped the trimmings and got the sautéing done, I realized the bird was cooking and could catch a bit of the Macy's parade with Kam and Nat!  Nattie saw the Snoopy balloon and declared that "Little Birdy" was on Snoopy's head.  We all laughed!  Then I had to get the kids ready-Nat got a tubby and thank goodness Kam got his own shower.  And before I knew it I got the potatoes mashed and the stuffing baked.  Tick-tock went the clock and before I knew it, the fams arrived!  It was just dinner for 8 and we had plenty of left-overs!

 One of the memories that was shared by both sets of parents was one of space.  How did all of us fit into these tiny houses with so many people?  So that's where my poem begins...

All Giving Thanks!

Gather round the table
Trimmings from stem to stern
Pick what you need when the dish comes by
Or you miss your turn
The dish is empty, needs filled back up

Pass to the runner she'll refill your cup
In the back door out the front door
Cutting through the drive
The meal then went in shifts
We kept the runner alive!

When all was said and done
our bellies were all loaded
We could hardly believe
the kitchen looked like it exploded!
Dishes piled high
from the sink up to the ceiling...
When all were finally clean and dry
it was such a happy feeling!

Dessert was always pumpkin pie
With a dollop of whipped cream
It melted in your mouth
A tasty little dream!

A day of visits and checking in
Seeing family in such close space
In the end the families leaving
A smile upon each face!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Thanksgiving smiles, the best. I especially loved the exploded kitchen image. This happens in every house, right? It is so true. Glad you got the chance to host again and spend so much time with your family.


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