Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Share the Music with Me

Over the past weekend my brother and his family were in town for a visit from Maryland!  It was such a nice visit.  We had lots of fun being silly and enjoying each other's company!  This time around my niece, Shannon, stayed with us.  Kam and Nat grew attached to her and acted as if they had suddenly gained a big sister.  She's grown into quite the young lady! 

Shannon and I connected in fun ways we'd never really done before...we talked about great books to read and she wrote me a list of her recommendations.  We watched the movie Pitch Perfect together!  I love hearing singing and music a Capella style and if you do, I highly recommend this movie-it's quirky and funny and sort of reminds me of a modern day Grease, Revenge of the Nerds sort of movie.

The main reason I'm writing about it though is because of the songs that I couldn't get out of my head after the movie was over!  We tried to learn how to do "the Cup Song".  Here's a video link to that if you've never seen it before:  The Cup Song Audition Scene from Pitch Perfect

After watching the movie, I had to have some of the songs.  I felt like the music was so fun and uplifting!  I went to iTunes and bought The Cup Song, Party in the USA, Trebles Finals and The Bella's Finals.  I could play these songs over and over! (and have been as I've written the slice using my iPhone tonight!) The songs make me feel like singing in the car or the shower because they are so much fun.  Thanks to Shannie-Boo for sharing this music with me!

So my slice question this week is what music or soundtracks do you love?  If you're back to school, how do you use music in the classroom?


  1. What fun for you to connect with your niece through books, movies and music. This is the first time I heard about The Pitch Perfect or The Cups Song. The link didn't work for me, but i googled bit. There's no way I could master the clapping and tapping. Fun to watch though.

  2. Pitch Perfect was a fun movie! I am amazed whenever I hear a Capella music. I am a musical soundtrack lover. Some of my favorites are Les Miz, Phantom, sound of Music, and I could go on and on.

  3. I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that I STILL love to listen to Beach Boys or Beatles music when I clean. Something about the beat makes vacuuming and laundry sorting more fun than it should be. Unfortunately, my children are damaged from my Saturday morning music choices!

    1. Oh mom used to clean to Johnny Mathis and Dean Martin. I can still hear "Everybody loves somebody sometime!" That is funny!

  4. Haven't seen Pitch Perfect, but I love almost any kind of singing. (Not a fan of rap, though.) My background music depends on what I'm doing. Because I love to sing along, I can't listen to soundtracks or popular music while I'm reading or writing. I have always played classical music in my classroom during writers workshop. Most kids love it!
    Glad you had such a great visit with your family!

  5. I haven't seen Pitch Perfect either. I am making a mental note to put it on my list of movies to watch. Sound of Music is one of my favorite sound tracks. I also like Bollywood movies--there is so much energy with their singing and dancing.

  6. Thanks for the recommendation Amy. It's on my list now too. Music... what powerful fun. Just when you least expect it, when things are just so boring... whip out the music and start dancing...that's what I used to do in 310. I was far enough away from everyone else that with my handy boom box... I could turn my classroom into a disco. Of course I had to be out there as well... :)


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