Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Code of Kindness

The Code of Kindness!
I decided to create QR codes that inspire thoughts of kindness.   First, I created a table in Word with two columns (one for the QR codes and one for quotes) I chose ten random quotes that had to do with generating kindness.  I then pasted all ten of them in the second column of the table.  Next, I went to this QR code Generator Website .  

At the site, I chose the data type, pasted the content (one quote at a time) and chose the color.  Then, I downloaded and renamed each one with the first few words of the quote.  I did this so I knew which one I needed to paste in the word table I made.

Some words of wisdom if you choose to do this!  Make sure you edit your quotes before you paste them in the QR creator.   If you edit them after you generate the code, you have to redo the code so you’ll get the edited version.  If you want to choose a different color, make sure you do that before downloading as well.  And finally, light colors are difficult for scanners to pick up so try to use darker colors if you change them from black to color.

Have fun and remember to “Choose Kind!” generate a code of kindness this year!

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