Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Lunchtime Slice

"For health and food, for love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends."
                     ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

@jreaderwriter & @aruddteacher100

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Flowing Conversation
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Is there any better way to spend a Slice of Life Tuesday than lunch with a fellow slicer?  We don't think so!  Today's slice is all about our lunch meet up (instead of tweet up) at Mike's Place in Kent!  Here's the link to the restaurant if you want to know more about it!  Mike's Place  When our waitress brought out our food, we knew we'd never be able to eat all that was served...

We finally had the chance to meet in person as fellow slicing friends.  We originally virtually connected last year via Julie's slice about coming to Akron (on her blog) and eating at the Carovillese spaghetti dinner with her uncle.  We chatted via twitter about getting together this summer when Julie came to visit her parents who live just a little ways from where I live.  As the date of the visit neared, we got in touch via DMs on twitter and set up a time and place to get together.  Hooray for today...we finally met!

Our conversation never waned, only paused so we could decide on what to order from the huge menu.  We shared details of our families, growing up times, and trips!  We connected on professional development, teaching, writing and books.  We talked of the seasons of our lives-she almost an empty nester, me with my little chickadees.  We chatted about technology and things kids are doing today (minecraft)...I am not sure how Julie feels after I talked her ear off, but I felt like I could have sat and talked with her and Annie (her daughter) for hours.  Perhaps I was being the "chatty Cathy" as I was the last one eating!  :)  

Connecting with a slicer is so precious!  When I read someone's writing, I feel like I know their soul.  Maybe that's why our conversation just flowed.  Having the chance for real conversation joined with written stories weaves in another layer of connection.  This made me think about how important it is for all students to have conversation with each other in addition to reading and responding to each other's blog posts.  Allowing this to happen will hopefully strengthen the fabric that is the community within the classroom and help in making stronger global connections!

A heartfelt thank you to Julie and Annie for meeting today!  And also, thank you to Ruth and Stacey for continuously growing our Slice of Life Community each week!  You two are making such an impact for life!


  1. I'm so glad for both of you. I love that age does not even make a difference at all. Makes me smile thinking of both of you sharing so much and you picturing yourself as 'Chatty Cathy'. That is definitely a saying from my generation. It was great that you met her daughter also. xo

  2. Amy, what a wonderful opportunity! These meetings are definitely life's little treasures.

  3. How great that you and Julie were able to meet for lunch. Sounds like you had a wonderful visit! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Fantastic. There's nothing better than a face-to-face with a Slicer :)

  5. How wonderful for you, Amy, & for Julie too! It was so special to meet some of the slicers at All-Write this year. It was just as if we were old friends, just as you described. I love also how you connected this as important for our students to know, too. Good idea!

  6. Amy, what fun! Don't you love how that connection was already created in "this world" and then meeting in the real world was even better? Love it!

  7. Let me try this again. I had so much fun meeting you on Tuesday. It was so great to finally make the connection in "real life." :)


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