Monday, July 22, 2013

The Conditions Are Right!

for hosting the collaborative learning opportunity this summer.

"Given the right opportunity, tools, and teacher guidance, students want an equal voice in directing their own learning." 
(pg. 4 , Kindle Edition, Alan November)

Even though there are multiple variables in my teaching situation right now (don't know what grade, building, or how much technology I'll have) I feel like I've learned enough from the book study and the blog jogs to sustain an attempt at creating the right conditions for my students to learn.  The opportunity to grow as an educator through this learning has been an outstanding experience.  To get my solid plans in focus, after they've simmered for awhile (-thanks Jill) I am looking at this key quote to outline the direction in which I will go next...

Symbolism of this video-I see the kit as the teacher's manuals-
2 ways to look at them build them they way they are supposed to be built and you'll get what you're supposed to have but look at them differently and the possibilities of going above and beyond are endless...students will truly be "going places"!

In order to grow and learn in the digital learning farm setting, there must be daily opportunity given to students.  I've heard many teachers say in conjunction with Teach Like a Pirate, if given the choice, would the students show up to your class every day?  If so, what are you selling that they're buying...If not, what can you do to change?  With the idea of ownership and more choice involved, I am hoping that my students will want to be a part of our learning community every day.  I think a great way to begin will be for us to get to know each other.  

Through collaboration with others during this professional development, I learned about great tools that I can share with my class.  The first tools that I will use to communicate about our learning are with blogs, podcasts and screencasts.  I learned about apps that I can share like screen chomp, audio boo and voice thread.  I also learned about collaboration sharing tools like popcorn maker, smore and videoscribe.  Even if I have only 1 computer in my classroom, I can make a difference in our approach to learning-creating an environment where everyone has a stake in the teaching as well as learning.

Teacher Guidance
As a teacher, I think it will be important to show students that I am a learner too.  I want to share with them all that I have been learning about this summer as well as things I have been doing to grow in my understanding of technology.  I want my role to be the guide on the side instead of the sage on the stage.  I want to perfect this craft by asking better questions-imagining the possibilities.  I want to share the tools for learning and ask, "what do you want to create today?"  I desire for students to own their learning and hope to present them with learning opportunities as conditions are right...

My solid plans (still simmering a bit):

  • create a wonder wall-where students are invited to post their wonders as often as they would like
  • provide opportunities for creating and creativity
  • train students in the roles of collaboration and communication
  • identify ways to help each other learn
  • collaborate with other classes (not sure of location yet)

Joining in global efforts this year:
  • International Dot Day
  • Global Read Aloud
  • Twitter tweeters
  • Weather in my world
  • #Ihavewhohas
  • book reviews/trailers
This is only the beginning as I am still thinking more about other ideas.  What do your plans look like?  How will your students #ownthelearning ?  I hope you begin as the conditions are right.

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