Saturday, July 13, 2013

Coggle it? Coggle what? Just Coggle!

Ok, so after learning round #2 of #cyberpd, two of the comments left me thinking about mind mapping-really just a fancy way to say webbing.  One of the tools in the area of mind mapping sounded easy to me because it's already connected with Google-Coggle.  So I started thinking about the meaning of cog-the root of coggle- and really first looked it up...



  1. A wheel or bar with a series of projections on its edge that transfers motion by engaging with projections on another wheel or bar.
  2. Each of such a series of projections
So understanding what it means made the idea of Coggle easy to think through-it's really a series of lines that show how original ideas linked to other ideas...such as you'd do with a web when first brainstorming ideas on a topic.
So then I went to Youtube and found this tutorial on how to use Coggle...
After watching the tutorial-I liked the idea of being able to collaborate on what the coggle would look like by inviting others to share in the creation just like you would on a Google Doc.  So, now I am making a Coggle of the Cyber PD- Who Owns the Learning? from my post.

So I started playing around with Coggle-and as a result created this simple picture within about 30 minutes...
which is not yet done-and still needs edited...
As a result of this new learning, I can see the possibilities that this opens for collaboration with others via google so if you want to join in on the collaboration, drop me a note in the comments below and I'll invite you to the learning... :)  Thanks to Michelle and Julie for sparking this link to learning...
 Maybe this software could be usedful in the roles of the next chapter on Global Collaborator...have to do the next reading...



  1. Love this Amy!! So cool and a tool that will promote global community learning! Will look at it in more depth soon. TY again!

  2. Love it when our learning spills over to others. Sign me up! I would appreciate a chance to work on the Coggle with you, and others, I hope. I am running an inquiry unit on global dignity (which will culminate on Oct 16-Global Dignity Day), and I want to begin the inquiry with a whole class mind map. Maybe Coggle will fit the bill.

    Looking forward to our collaboration.


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