Monday, June 24, 2013

Those Rotten Bananas!

Oh, yes, you've been there before! 


seen it,

smelled it,

and felt it

-the look, smell and feel of bananas that have been hanging around for far too long, overstayed their welcome on the banana tree!

Yesterday, our bananas were there-they smelled worse than three day old fish-time to recycle them-so I mashed them up and went looking for a recipe...luckily I found one-here's the link: What to do with over-ripe bananas and in addition to the recipe, I threw in a few sprinkles of brown sugar and 2 handfuls of chocolate chips!

Reactions from the fam:

  • Kevin-mmmm what smells so good?

  • Kam-what is that?

After it came out of the oven:

  • -1 minute later-Kevin-can I try some?

  • -Kam-this is the best homemade snack ever!

  • -Me-wow this is really good

1 day later

  • Kam-That was the best snack you ever made Mom!
Thank goodness for those rotten bananas!

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