Saturday, March 2, 2013

One Crazy Week

Slice 2 of 31

One Crazy Week

(A slice of family dinner)

5 fabulous nights to dine together
A table for 4

Night 1
A table for 3 please
3 dine together-1 who is late
Work requires more input 

Night 2
A table for 2 please
2 dine together-2 who are called to other things
Out of town for work
Basketball practice

Night 3
A table for 3 please
3 dine together-1 who will be late
Flat tire repair needed

Night 4
A table for 3 please
3 dine together-1 who is late
Interim report pick-up

Night 5
A table for 4 please...YES!
4 dine together-none who are late
So happy together
Slices of cheese pizza with black olives
Our fate
Glad to be sitting in the comfort of home
Smiling at each other
Sharing drinks and good eats
4 who've been dining strangers 
at one point or another
all week
Now satisfied
To be
All at dinner together
Reflecting on one crazy week!


  1. You captured the challenge of eating together as a family - almost impossible - yet an ongoing mission. I always - even before kids - insisted on eating at the table and talking IF we were both present. Now, many years later and with kids grown, we eat in the "dining room" whenever we are both home. Sometimes, it's days and and days apart....but the moments are cherished. There were years when we went days and days....yet the kids...we all knew that if we were all home...we would eat together!

  2. So true! We are pulled into so many directions! I truly enjoyed a surprise quick visit from my daughter in the middle of the week as well!

  3. Amy,
    This made me smile. It sounds like you had a busy busy week --- after a pretty busy weekend. Glad you were finally able to all sit down together.

    I've always tried to pull together a dinner for our family to sit down to each night. When the kids were little it was easier as I really only had to consider my schedule and that of my husband. It wasn't long before their lives became busy with school, friends, sports and work. It became more of a challenge to find time to sit down together. Now my oldest daughter has started her own life, my son is here going to college, and our youngest is busy with high school. Where did the time go? I'm thankful now for those times we could all gather around the table and consider it a blessing any time we still manage to get all five of us around the table.

    Thanks for sharing your slice,

  4. Fabulous. Quite literally slices of life. Days 1-4 make day 5 really feel special. You sound like you have a lovely family.

  5. Hi Amy! What a fun way to capture your life around the dinner table for the week. It sounds like despite all the busyness, when you do gather together for a meal, it is quite special! :)
    --jee young

  6. What a fun way to share your week today, Amy! I love the structure and repetition of your piece.

  7. What a cool way to share your week! My children are young enough that the number at our table doesn't change much...yet. I know it will be here before I know it, but for now I try to enjoy our table for 6.

  8. I love the recipe style writing. This would is a great mentor text to share with and have students try.

    Right now, while my children are young, I enjoy our dinners together, but I know that will change as they grow. Night 5 dinner sounds perfect.

  9. The words you chose reflect exactly what happened as well as the busy-ness that created this kind of week! I like night 5 the best!

  10. I LOVE your Slice today. What a clever and fun way to reflect on dinnertime- and the time in our lives when the after-school events can change the number of plates on the table. What joy when the table is full!

  11. Dinner together is so important to me, so I'm all in favor of night 5 - dinner for 4 please!

  12. I love your slice and your determination to dine together.


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