Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Missing and Rescued

Slice 6 of 31

Details, details, details...this slice inspired by noticing details and creating a bit of worry on the part of drivers who dare to notice them...

Yesterday on my drive to work, I glanced at the timer billboard...these are newly installed monstrosities (of which I pass twice-driving to work) that indicate the flow of traffic to main destination points.  These will indicate how many miles and minutes to a particular point on the highway so local drivers know whether to jump ship and take the back roads or not during major traffic delays.  Yesterday's message was floating on and off the screen as well and had me a little worried...ok a lot worried considering this wasn't someone I knew personally.


I noticed again as I drove by the second monster too...I prayed that the missing adult was found...I don't pass any of these billboards on the drive home (ok, maybe I do-not sure I notice because I'm so tired on the drive home). So I didn't know whether the message was still up on the drive at 5 but my need to know lead me to do a google search...

Sadly, I read that the missing adult search was cancelled as the missing man was rescued by angels and taken to heaven.  I pray now for the family mourning the loss of a loved one.  Hoping they find comfort in knowing the details to remind of a lost soul prompted searching and prayers...all because of a tiny message on a huge billboard.

Rest in peace missing man, rest in peace...


  1. How sad...I can identify with your thinking. I always say a prayer for every child I see walking alone, people who look hungry or alone in the world, and each animal that didn't make it across the road...and countless other things noticed in the details of the day. Nate Berkus, who was in the tsunami in Sri Lanka, says that he can never stand in line at te pharmacy without thinking about what each person's story might be, what they've been through. Our compassion for humankind is in the details of how we think and behave each day.

  2. I think when we start to notice things and reflect on them it adds depth to our hearts. This story did not have a happy ending but gave you the chance to pray for a grieving family. Noticing matters.

  3. How very sad, Amy.

    A few months ago I got an Amber Alert on my iPhone. It stopped me in my tracks. I literally froze as I read it (on the couch). It gave me pause to think about someone missing a family member. It must be terrifying. I hope I never have to know what that's like.

  4. These highway alerts are a wonderful tool to alert us and allow us to assist - but, once I see them flashing, my heart stops for the child or the elderly person gone astray. Now Iknow that you can google search and keep updated on the person concerned - there is a small measure of comfort in that.

  5. Your words touched my heart as I have that same feeling when I see such messages. Sometimes I check to see the outcome...but often times I forget. I appreciate your words.

  6. Your posts led me to reflect - on our vast globe I wonder how many go missing each day, unnoticed, and since unnoticed, unthought of.

  7. Amy,
    I always wonder these same things when I pass these signs. I don't usually know what happens to these missing people in the end. What a sad story. My heart goes out to the families. I'm always struck by how quickly life can change --- just one second and everything can be different.



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