Monday, March 18, 2013

Measure, cut, THEN hang

Slice 18 of 31  

Last weekend when we shopped for the new dishwasher, I decided that I wanted to purchase some new, updated-looking light fixtures for the upstairs hall bathroom.  The new ones looked lovely and definitely would add some beauty to the powder room! 

The hubby thought he would surprise me by installing them without bothering me for help...oh, yes he did!  HOWEVER, I NOW need Tim the Toolman Taylor's pal, Al, to come and rescue the project gone wrong.  My hubby didn't realize that he needed to cut the wire and the chain links on the fixture to the appropriate is what we've got now (see pic below):

So until next weekend, when more time is alloted into our schedule, we'll have extra linkage and wiring hanging around to collect dust...

In my hubby's defense, there is nothing in the manual about trimming the wiring or links to the appropriate length.  Did someone leave out a step when they wrote the manual?   Perhaps.  Lesson learned, measure, cut, and THEN hang.  Here's hoping install of the second light fixture goes smoother than the first next weekend.

Thanks for trying to surprise me, Kev!


  1. Yikes, yikes, yikes! I do not like home improvement projects and work really hard to support the economy by paying other people to do mine as often as I can. On a good note, that lamp is really pretty and will look great once you make a few minor adjustments! Good luck!

  2. We will very shortly have ALL our lighting fixtures to hang at our renovated home. Thanks for the reminder! BTW: That's a beautiful fixture!


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