Wednesday, March 13, 2013

i'm here

Slice 13 of 31
Do you know i'm here?
i bet you don't
i came into the house
quieter than a mouse
i am ready to do the daily work
of someone who couldn't keep up
my pace is quick
loaded and ready to go
my quiet shy style doesn't compare
to most
i work alone
i don't need any other assistance
the model i took over for was the noisy type
loud and rumbly (you can read her story here)
not me, i am smooth
and sleek
i am more efficient
more energy saving
i love my new family
glad to be home with them!
Here's my picture,
isn't it grand?


  1. Yes, it is! We go through so many appliances at my house that I say we have a disorder called "SALADD" which stands for "Small and Large Appliance Deprivation Disorder. " :)

  2. I am sure you rejoice that she is quiet and shy. A hard worker. I really enjoyed this post.


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