Monday, March 11, 2013

A Note for Dad

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As giggles, racing, and shouting filled the air, I laughed to myself.  I enjoyed hearing the kids outside in the yard playing with Kevin.  They were having the best time ever back at "the park" swinging, climbing and then playing in the yard with the kickball.  I wanted to be out there myself, but didn't indulge as I tried to stay focused on my work.  I felt like the child with homework to do who's distracted by the call of what is outside.
Nattie was brought inside for her nap kicking and screaming!  Kam faked a nigh-nigh into his room so she would think he was going to take a nap as well.  She just kept saying, "Outside, outside!"  I kept saying,  "we'll go back out after you wake up from your nigh-nigh".  Exasperated, she huffed, "Ok momma!"  She finally settled down and fell asleep...when I heard Kam bounding back upstairs after escaping from his fake nigh-nigh, I motioned a "shhh" on my lips.  He whispered, "I just have to leave this note for Dad!"

I didn't ask to see it, just allowed him to place the note where he knew Kevin would check.  He snuck back out of the office and tiptoed back downstairs.  I snuck over and snapped a quick photo with my phone...
A note from Kam that I am sure Kevin will cherish for days and maybe years to come!


  1. What a gem! Cherish those days and tuck them into your life memory book. They go away so fast.

  2. "oh mama" I'm so glad that you are cherishing and recording 'the good'. xo

  3. So sweet - such a lovely way of saying thank you.

  4. Loved the image. And the fake nigh-nigh.

  5. Too precious! Save those little notes! I can't wait . . .


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