Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Shrinking Globe

Our world became a little more connected today as I skyped into Karen Lirenman's First Grade Classroom in Canada.  She allowed me to join in the learning as they had a video game programmer sharing with their class today!  The reason I asked her if I could join in was because I know that this is a career area that Kam is considering (yes, I know he's only 8-"Really?").  So Karen, such a dear person, allowed us to join in on the Face time call from her friend Beth.
Kam was listening intently as he heard what Beth got to do with her job.  She shared with Karen's class all about the process of how video games are developed by the writer, the artist and then the programmer.  She also answered questions from the children-at the end of her presentation.  Kam even got to ask a question-"how many years of college did she have to do?"  She told us lots-but noted that there are both 2 year and 4 year programs for this line of work!  Yay!
After we ended our skype call with Karen, still more connected learning in the Twitterverse as she  tweeted about us joining in...

Yes, that's me and Kam trapped in the computer screen!
Our learning continued after reading another tweet about how Karen's students blogged about their learning on their kidblog posts.  I visited their blogs and left a few comments.  Wow!  Connected learning-shrinking the globe, a little at a time...all because of a simple question-could we join you?



  1. WOW is my first thought! I was pretty little, long, long ago, at a "World's Fair" in Queens,when I saw a glimpse of the future in a picture phone. I do remember my mother saying she would never want someone to see her like that! I do not remember much else about that day but the picture phones and the chance to see someone as you were talking stayed with me. I think of that day whenever I Skype and when someone's not-life image pops up on my phone. I know that Kam will have one busy career taking us to the places dreamers go!

  2. I'm so excited when I think about the possibilities. We wished it when we were children and now it is reality. xo

  3. Very cool indeed. I need to figure out how to do this - it sounds like such an amazing learning experience all around.

  4. What an exciting experience. This was unimaginable when I was 8.

  5. So amazing, isn't it? We can connect and interact with people all over the planet. What a valuable lesson for our students! Welcome to the future :)

  6. How fantastic for you and Kam! We have come so far with technology - it's hard to imagine what is yet to come.

  7. I love that you found a way to support Kam as he dreams about his future. What a great mom and teacher moment!

  8. Amy, it was an absolute pleasure having you and Kam join our conversation with my friend Beth the video game programmer. I love how small our world really is when we take the time to connect with one another. I also love how Kam put up his hand to ask his question, from inside the computer. I'm so glad I was able to have him ask his question himself. Isn't being a connected educator awesome? This post has me smiling from ear to ear! Karen


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