Thursday, February 28, 2013

Slice of Life Eve

Twas the night before Slice of Life 2013
And all through the house
The only things stirring were the keys and the mouse
The children and hub were tucked in their beds
The calm and the quiet brought peace to my head

I entered the office and went straight to my work
Readying my blog with each detailed quirk
Getting the button from the Two Writing Teachers
Admiring the new aquamarine and blendy pink features

As I look to the future full of joy and glee
I wonder with excitement how each slice will affect me!
Readying my fingers to click on with joy
Loving comments left by slicers as a child loves a new toy

I soak it all in reading all that I can
Knowing writing every day is part of the plan!
I leave this Eve post as I turnout the light
Saying Happy Slicing to all and now get started and write!


  1. I too am sitting here...excited and filled with nervous anticipation like the first day of school. your post mirrors my is pretty neat that we ADULT can get so excited about writing!

  2. Love it! My house sounds the same expect I'm trying to get ready for students too by making a few help videos to see them through (most have never blogged, nor read many blogs). It's going to be fun!


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