Thursday, January 3, 2013

Non-fiction Picture Book Challenge!

I just joined the non-fiction picture book challenge for 2013 at Kid Lit Frenzy!   You can still link up at the blog if you're interested.   Thanks for tweeting about it @LauraKomos and for hosting it @alybee930!  Looking forward to it because it will help me accomplish 2 goals-more reading and more exposure to Informational Text!

So, after reflecting and thinking a bit more about this challenge, and going from almost zero to some number...I decided to try and do at least one a week-52 by the end of 2013!

I also decided that these will be a mixture of new books recently  published and a few years old...I will try my best to make most them as recent as possible.

Thanks again for the invitation to participate!  Here's to an informational text kind of year ahead!


  1. Thanks for signing up! Glad to have you participate

  2. So exciting. I didn't know about this. Will check it out now!


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