Monday, August 27, 2012

School Year's Eve...

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Let the confetti rain down, 5,







Happy New School Year !
As I prepare to greet my new Fabulous Firsties tomorrow, I can't help but reflect on my first grade year...

Back when I was searching for pictures for my parents' wedding anniversary I ran across some papers and my report cards from when I was in elementary school.  Here is a picture of one of my first days of writing in first grade-

I am thinking deeply about how the expectations for what a first grader should know and be able to do have changed over the years.  The change in expectations makes me feel more determined than ever to give my new students the greatest conditions for learning that I can give them.  I am so excited to meet and greet them (13 boys and 5 girls) when they come to school for the big first day tomorrow...I have such high hopes for them and all that they can accomplish this year.

Many of you have already started or are going to be starting soon.  I wish you the best in your new endeavors with students and hope that you have the greatest year yet.  Even if you're not starting back to school and are a slicer reading this post, start a new year with us, and think of what your resolutions could or would be for this period in your life.

Here are mine as a teacher starting the new year:
I resolve to have the students build our learning community.
I resolve to have the students read and write every day we are in school.
I resolve to use technology to help students and colleagues with understanding technology.
I resolve to encourage and use more mathematical processing skills to foster growth in mathematical thinking.
I resolve to leave everyday with a clear desk. REALLY~

I am only writing these 5 for now so I can make sure I keep them.

Happy New School Year!


  1. I think I will Amen all 5, well, maybe not the desk :) A 'New School Year' I want to remember is the like opening a new box of chocolates in so many ways...enjoy Amy! xo

  2. Your resolutions are hefty, even though only five, Amy. Like the comment above, best wishes with the desk! Your class of 18 is a blessing compared to others I've heard about. I love seeing your paper from your own first grade. Have a wonderful first day!

  3. I suspect your greatest resoulution is in your text. The clean desk is a lofty goal (at lest for me) like weight loss (for me. Perhaps your resolution should be to provide in your classroom the "greatest conditions for learning that (you)can give them. I think I will use that one myself. We start tomorrow :)

  4. I resolve to have the students build our learning community.

    ...there it is! My resolution for my new, soon to begin, school year. Good luck, Amy!

  5. Clean desk, huh? Good luck with that one! I only have a clean desk at the beginning and end of the year... but I'm a bit of a slob.

    Best of luck with your wee ones this year. You should get a little trampoline for the room with that many energetic bodies!

  6. I love that you wrote out resolutions. This time of year feels so much newer to me than January first - and I always find myself making resolutions too. Two I wrote out this morning: more conversation (with my daughters, colleagues, and students) and more writing.

  7. I love the clean desk as well!!! Let's see I think I made it twice so far in a little over a week. Best of luck to you the the lucky little first graders that have such a dedicated teacher!

  8. Ugh. Clean desk. I try. I try to leave everything as I want it in the morning. But that goal is easier said than done. As for the rest, I say, "Lucky first graders!"

  9. Great resolutions. I resolved to read aloud to my students every day my second year of teaching -- no exceptions. (I sometimes skipped read aloud my first year of teaching when we had things like a field trip or an assembly.) Making read aloud a priority was the best thing I ever did as a teacher. I never skipped a day of reading aloud to my students once I made that resolution!

  10. "School Year's Eve"- I just love the way that sounds!

  11. I love your connection of the new school year to New Years with resolutions and plans. I wish you the best year ever!


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