Thursday, July 5, 2012

A stormy scene from WIP

Teachers Write!  Thursday Quickwrite
Using lines from a poem for inspiration or a jumping off point...or looking out the window and writing landscapes...tough day at the office... :)
So I used characters from my WIP to create a scene...

Kylee stressed as she tried to write her poem for her homework assignment.  She looked out her window after the storm and thought about how Mother Nature’s elements were like part of her daily skin cleansing routine...she had written:

When the wind had ended

Salmon-colored blossoms sprinkled

Dried leaves blown around

Twisted branches broken and dropped

Nature’s litter

Scattered everywhere

An unsightly scene

And then revelation

A much needed exfoliation

Through her elements

Tough wind, torrential downpours,

Then drying, baking sun

Discarding the unwanted


What is no longer essential, needed

The cleansing, washing it away…

She was stuck.  She knew that she was distracted by her thoughts about “Dusty”. 
Why was this boy causing her so much distraction?  He’s just a boy…but the dust…she wanted desperately to open the door to his world but she just didn’t have the key to his lock.  When would this key appear...

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