Thursday, July 12, 2012

Quick Write from the wild and free writing lab

Today's quick write, courtesy of Gigi Amateau, guest author for Teachers Write! A panoramic and small view of the world as it is around you...note both views and record your observations from "our wild and free writing laboratory". So I went out to my front porch and sat on the steps for a while and just took in the world from the porch. Hot and heavy air fills my lungs as take my deep relaxing breath. Still leaves hang on the lazy oak. The white puffy clouds blend in to gray knowing there will be no curtain call for the sun today. As hot and hazy as it is, the birds are still singing, twittering,reminding us the work day has not ended for them... Small focus...the freshly dug patch of sun-crisp grass pushed aside by the squirrel's paws revealing the dry, brown Earth. The spry little creature timidly but quickly paced its way across (hop hop hop HOP hop hop HOP hop hop hop HOP)the yard. Then it moved on to the stoney gray drive and scurried over into the next patch of sun-crisp grass, with more work to do... I appreciate this idea! Changing the focus of the writer's lens opens up opportunity for more detailed observations. It will also help to think about how different characters might see the same scene...but both in the same place... Thanks! Amy

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