Thursday, June 28, 2012

I love wordles!

This is my response for Teacher's Write quick write for today!  Can I say that I love word clouds?  I LOVE WORD CLOUDS!  (it is my blog afterall)  Ok, so to make my wordles, I just used a response to an earlier quick write I did inspried by Jo Knowles about the beach (Monday Morning Warm-up).  I also wanted to share that not only have I used before, but I have also used which allows you to incorporate your words into shapes.  I have also used ABCya with students (it's a little more kid friendly).  I scanned the printouts and turned them into jpegs so you could see how each looks:
So which one is your favorite? I noticed that beach, coffee, Ted, and Christy stuck out as the largest...characters and setting covered? Right?

**UPDATE-mobile device wordle app:
Now you can use the app the create your wordles!  Will play around with it and post what it can do later!


  1. I prefer the coffee cup word cloud. I had not ever used Tagxedo. It's fun to learn about new things in this blogging-teaching-writing world. I made a tagxedo with a new chapter in a sequel to my young readers novel, Blessen. I used the shape of a chicken. So cute! Posted on my Facebook page:

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