Thursday, June 7, 2012


Here’s my go at today’s quick write-which was really fun!

As I sleepily hunched over the mound of books I had on the table in front of me, I couldn’t focus…I drifted from paragraph to paragraph in my Holt book reading Flowers for Algernon. I stopped reading and thought to myself, “I just read 10-"

Suddenly, this rambunctious looking boy slammed through the “in” door of the media center with the latest robo-cop pushing him from behind! The disheveled boy looked ashen gray and was covered with dust from head to toe. For some reason, he moved forward and decided on docking at my table. I gave him the pseudo name, Dusty. He looked sleepy yet alert…

After the quiet settled like the dust around him, I started in on the conversation.
“Dude, where have you been hangin' out?” I whispered (low enough so Mrs. Liber couldn’t hear us).
“Shut up chic! I don’t want to talk about it.”
“But why are you all dusty like that?”
“Look-I don’t know you, you don’t know me, let’s just keep it that way.”
“But, I’ve never seen you around here before,”
“Listen, just be quiet before Mrs. Liber comes over here and I get detention from her too!”

Our conversation ended, I toggled back and forth, staring at the page and at Dusty-fixated on why he was so dusty. As the bell toned for us to move on to our next destination, I decided to spy on him during the lunch period. My curiosity was piqued! Where had he been hanging out? I had to know!

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  1. Maybe it was Kate's post of Molly Ringwald that I just saw on her blog, but I couldn't help but picture some Breakfast Club characters. ;) Intrigued to find out what this boy was up to.


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