Monday, May 21, 2012

Cultivating a Garden of Lifelong readers...

As I was thinking about all of the gardening work that calls my name, I'm itching to get to my gardens but they'll have to also reminded me of the perennial work that gardeners have to do and I related that to my work as a literacy leader...

The Gardener's Growing Instructions:

A lifelong reader is one with a love of books and reading.  They have an open mind and need exposure to lots of book choices...They will love books and if not, it's our work to change them.  Books are the main ingredients that help this type of reader to grow.  They need long-term exposure to many different genres (mysteries, poetry, biographies, non-fiction, fiction, fairy tales, and myths) and authors and styles of books.  Use books as a stimulant to continue to grow even more life-long readers.  They are perennials.  Their growth potential is unlimited!

Sow the readers at school, at home, at a library, at a bookstore or where ever there are great books available.  Sprinkle these readers with various kinds of books and fertilize them by extensive accountable discussions about new and interesting vocabulary, the author's message or even their connection to the world!  Most importantly, add the ingredient of time with the mix.  Continue to read to the reader throughout the growing season.  Once the lifelong reader matures, have them read to others as well...

Spread readers out...allow them to grow and flourish and offer other opportunities for exposure.

Harvest the grown reader and farm them out to maximize growth potential!  Avoid ignoring the reader.  Avoid too much exposure to TV, video games and shopping.  Warning:  THESE MAY CAUSE LACK OF GROWTH POTENTIAL.

**Set up safety netting or fencing to protect them from exposure to bad influences that may infect their growth potential.

This Seed Packet was manufactured by Amy Rudd



  1. What a great connection - teachers are indeed the gardeners of reading and writing. This would be a GREAT t-shirt for teachers!

  2. Clever gardening verbs in the third paragraph on. :)


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