Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Daddy's Fishing Vest

Daddy’s Fishing Vest

          Look at all those pockets there!

What about the pockets my dear?

          What do you put inside them?

It’s all about the fishing needs…

          What does the fisherman need today?

License to fish, needed for permission!

          Why do you need permission, daddy?

Follow the rules of the sport!

          What do you catch with cameras?

Stories or not, one getting away…

          Why would it get away, daddy?

Fish just like to be difficult…

          What else is in the pockets?

Bobbers, lures, lines, leaders, hooks, weights…


No, weights and snacks for waits

          Long waits or short waits today?

You just relax and be patient…

          Ok, Daddy, I’ll wait with you,

Let’s hook some fish together today!

          Me and you, you and me?

Me and you!  You and me!

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