Thursday, March 1, 2012

Stepping off on Natalie's Literacy Journey

(Yes, I am taking the slice of life challenge!)
Slice 1 of 31...
My 16 month old daughter's literacy journey officially begain when she kicked inside my womb...we read to her all the time. Now, books are becoming a regular staple in her life as a toddler. She's already developing her group of favorites. The one I have to mention though, is Goodnight Moon. The cover is already wearing, the spine is torn and we've heard the little old lady whisper "hush" at least 100 times already-but now Natalie has started holding her finger up to her lips and blow a puff of air when we pause at that page in the book-it's really too cute for words. I love reading books to her. I wonder what her next favorite will be...


  1. I love how you told about how your baby girl puts a finger to her lips on the hush page. Such sweet memories. My babies are 8 and 12. What they lack in cuteness they make up for in more wonderful reads. :) I can't wait to see what she wants to read next, too!!!

  2. I love book slices! I'm sure she's found the hidden "ugly" (or mouse, as most people refer to it) on each colored page. That was a favorite around here too.


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