Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wild ponies...

Slice 28 of 31

Wild Ponies, Wild Ponies (based on Brown Bear, Brown Bear)

And the wild ponies on Assateague Island ask...
Boaters, boaters, what do you see?
We see the bright bay glistening near thee.
Bright bay, bright bay what do you see?
I see the sunlight reflecting off of me.
Mr. Sun, Mr. Sun, what do you see? 
I see tall green grass on the island under me.
Blades of grass, blades of grass, what do you see?
We see the ocean washing up near thee
Ocean waves, ocean waves, what do you see?
We see wild ponies roaming so free
Wild Ponies, wild ponies, what will you see?
We see boaters, the bay, bright sun, tall green grass, ocean waves 
and more ponies, that's what we see!

Genre Reformulation...
A tool used to take content and re-formulate the content language into a familiar pattern from a well known book...I just recently learned about it so I thought I would try it while thinking about the wild ponies that I saw for the first time last year on Assateague Island...

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  1. Well done Amy. I also hadn't heard of the term genre reformulation before. I like the way it would sit well with content work. I wonder what those wild ponies think when they see the boaters?


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